• StartUp Day


A hub for innovative ideas

Wellbeing, development, growth and innovation: four trendy words, or a real shift in business strategy? We will be discussing this topic at StartUp Day 2023, an event where young companies and emerging ideas share technologies, research results and new business concepts with industry experts.

StartUp Day is an opportunity to:

Enrich your network with new start-ups, investors, companies and accelerators
Check out new investment opportunities
Find out how far your aptitude for innovation can take you.

Do you feed on innovation?

You’d like to be a star of the future and you are filled with curiosity and thirst for knowledge

Would you like to become a startupper?

You need incentives and occasions to bring forth your idea

Are you already a startupper?

You want to let your start-up grow through network

Are you an investor or entrepreneur?

You want to find the right innovative firm for your investment

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