The Project

SINERGIE designs new adaptive, intelligent and energy-efficient machines that can be quickly reconfigured with technologically advanced solutions as regard to the sensor and actuation components. The project develops new integrated hardware/software solutions for high-dynamic handling in automated machines in the industrial packaging sector. In particular, the project addresses synergistically two main thematic areas (software and contactless devices), with the aim of improving the dynamic performance and the constructive features of future machines:

  • Software tools for design and control
  • Contactless and wireless devices for measurements, signal transmission and implementation

The Emilia-Romagna Region is the most important area of industrial development at a national level in the packaging and automatic machinery sector, generating alone over 60% of the total turnover. Moreover, several of the companies present in the region, over 230 in total, have an undisputed leadership position worldwide, often covering over 50% of the market of the individual sectors of reference. Maintaining these positions of absolute importance implies an adequate investment in research.


  • Development of software libraries for real-time control and management of an automated machine
  • Mechatronic design for high performance motion control
  • Development of embedded systems for automatic control and diagnostics of automated machines
  • Design and construction of a Doubly-Fed Electric Machine (MEDA)