Accepted Papers

List of Papers

Sofia Montebugnoli and Anna Ciampolini (University of Bologna)Energy Consumption Comparison of Parallel Linear Systems Solver Algorithms on HPC Infrastructure

Lorenzo Carpentieri, Marco D'Antonio, Kaijie Fan, Luigi Crisci, and Biagio Cosenza (University of Salerno); Federico Ficarelli and Daniele Cesarini (CINECA); Gianmarco Accordi, Davide Gadioli, and Gianluca Palermo (Polytechnic University of Milan); Peter Thoman and Philip Salzmann (University of Innsbruck); Philipp Gschwandtner (University of Innsbruck, PH3 GmbH); Markus Wippler (PH3 GmbH); Filippo Marchetti and Daniele Gregori (E4); and Andrea Rosario Beccari (Dompé Farmaceutici Spa), Domain-Specific Energy Modeling for Drug Discovery and Magnetohydrodynamics Applications

Daniel C. Wilson (Boston University, Intel Corporation); Fatih Acun (Boston University); Siddhartha Jana, Federico Ardanaz, and Jonathan M. Eastep (Intel Corporation); and Ioannis Ch. Paschalidis and Ayse K. Coskun (Boston University), An End-to-End HPC Framework for Dynamic Power Objectives

Anders Aaen Springborg and Michele Albano (Aalborg University, Copenhagen) and Samuel Xavier-de-Souza (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil), Automatic Energy-Efficient Job Scheduling in HPC: A Novel SLURM Plugin Approach

Francesco Antici, Mohsen Seyedkazemi Ardebili, Andrea Bartolini, and Zeynep Kiziltan (University of Bologna), PM100: A Job Power Consumption Dataset of a Large-Scale Production HPC System

Francesco Antici (University of Bologna), Keiji Yamamoto and Jens Domke (RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS)), and Zeynep Kiziltan (University of Bologna), Augmenting ML-Based Predictive Modelling with NLP to Forecast a Job's Power Consumption



Proceedings of SHiPS 2023 are published in the SC Workshops Proceedings volume.