Arundo Donax

Arundo donax (AD) is a tall cane of about 2-3 cm in diameter that grows widely and rapidly in many regions of Europe. AD, like bamboo in the subtropical areas, may be rediscovered as a source of inexpensive sustainable material for various construction purposes. A complete mechanical characterization was carried on to show the potentiality of this material as structural material. The tests were performed on portions of culms using ad hoc setups following recommendations or modifications of bamboo standards. Digital image correlation was used to follow the map of strains needed to understand the role of the natural nodes under different loading conditions. The axial Young's moduli were 12.0 GPA and 14.8 GPa under compression and tension, respectively, and the corresponding maximum failure stresses were 57 MPa and 127 MPa for the internodal material. Shear and transverse bending tests yielded results consistent with the anisotropy of the material. The results show the good mechanical properties of Arundo donax that are similar to those of various species of bamboo used in construction.