Description of the project's partners

Logo Department of Political and Social Science

Department of Political and Social Science of the University of Bologna


The Department of Political and Social Science (DSPS) of the University of Bologna is a reference point for the political and social area. It passes on the teaching and study of the political and social sciences within the University of Bologna by following a more inclusive and integrated approach. After the recent amendment to the Italian academic system all the academic courses are managed by the Departments and the Schools, instead of the Faculties. The DSPS encompasses the former Department of Political History and the vast majority of the former Department of Policy, Institutions and History. The DSPS also brings together sociology, history and law scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, and in particular the Professors teaching in the Second Cycle Degree in Communication Science. Thus, the DSPS merges different scientific disciplines (political science, sociology, history and law), which mainstreamed the evolution of political studies at the University of Bologna in last decades. The DSPS will provide the scientific expertise to the project, as it will draft a publication on the subjects falling under the scope of Play with Eu

Logo BaoLab



BaoLab is a communication agency which carries out communication and training projects especially by using audio-visual tools and by focusing on topics of public interest. Its staff holds multiple skills relating to direction, shooting and editing, video, graphics, events management, training and social research. Over last years Baolab’s focus has been on educational activities carried out by resorting to informal education and visual teaching methodologies. BaoLab will deal with communication activities (website, Facebook page, items), will run the creative and aware communication labs and will set up the game.

Logo of the Municipality of Zola Predosa

Municipality of Zola Predosa


The Municipality, particularly with the offices responsible for education, will support the project and involve the Istituto comprensivo di Zola Predosa, which will include Play with Eu in the program of the ongoing academic year. The Municipality of Zola Predosa will also give visibility to the project and its results within its territory.