One of the workshop in Zola Predosa

The learning experience relies on an innovative didactic non-formal learning method; BaoLab uses the expression creative and aware communication workshops. In fact, these workshops apply the methodology underpinning participative videos and use it for learning and communication purposes by focusing on the audiovisual product and its potential in terms of communication.

Breifly, a participative video can be defined as:

  • A type of social activity, a way to share the potential of the audiovisual language in terms of communication and management to social groups which are not familiar with that.
  • A process and a social dynamic aimed at triggering social micro-changes through the horizontal experience of video production.
  • A true audiovisual production, capable of creating unexpected communication patterns and of connecting environments traditionally separated by apparently insurmountable barriers of different nature: geographical, political, social, gender-related. The method based on open and horizontal workshops enables the performance of collective audiovisual communication experiments.

These workshops give priority to the learning-by-doing method and encourage participants to discuss multiple topics starting from each one’s own experiences. Personal experiences are then further developed with the support of images and subsequently disseminated thanks to digital devices and the internet. Indeed, this kind of workshops ensures the achievement of practical skills and useful tools with a view to creating, implementing and disseminating on-line an audiovisual product.