Cover of the booklet "Play with Eu. Conoscere insieme l’Unione europea"

The Department of Political and Social Science (DSPS) of the University of Bologna prepared the publication Play with Eu. Conoscere insieme l’Unione europea. It was delivered to the teachers of the classes participating to the project before the starting of the labs in order to provide the students with an appropriate theoretical basis.

In particular, the contents of the booklet were selected by means of a multidisciplinary approach based on the specific target, namely students who are between 11 and 13 years old.
The history of the European integration and the functioning of the institutions are presented as a key to understand the opportunities offered by the Union, in an attempt to increase the students’ awareness on the advantages of being European citizens and to supply them with tools to be used to work for the Union’s future.

Selected topics will serve to help the students to acquire relevant knowledge on the European Union which are likely to be useful with regard to their professional live and to foster some skills connected to their civic duty; above all, the possibility to study and work abroad, the awareness on the rights concerning their freedom to move and on the ways they have to influence the evolution of the EU policies and to address the EU institutions.