• Planning and Regeneration

Planning and Regeneration

The Planning&Regeneration group focuses on spatial and urban planning and it has expertise in research that tackles environmental and economic crisis, social disaggregation and climate change related impacts by envisioning new participatory planning and design approaches at the intersection of social, cultural, digital and nature-based innovations, aiming at increasing citizens’ health and wellbeing and communities’ resilience.

The Planning&Regeneration group is part of the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna, established in 2010, combining the “Aldo Rossi” Faculty of Architecture with the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of the Faculty of Engineering. It is therefore a young department, with a teaching staff of an average age of forty. In terms of teaching and research, it is organized in a multi-campus structure with two operating sites: Bologna and Cesena. The Department’s main research fields include Design Innovation, Cultural & Living Heritage, Building Performance & Architectural Liveability, Climate & Energy Challenges, and Urban Design.

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