A new approach to the study of the performing arts

The Project of National Relevance (PRIN 2022 - 2022P749MT) aims at renewing the methodologies and perspectives for investigating the performing arts through dialogue and interdisciplinary cooperation between Humanities (Theatre Studies, Musicology, and Aesthetics) and Social Sciences (Economics and Law) with the help of Informatics.

The focus is wide and covers tackles the development of the performing arts markets in Italy from Unification (1861) to the present days.

The research is based on the cooperation of four research unity based at the Universities of Bologna (coordinator), Genova, Palermo, and Roma La Sapienza. Each unit investigates broad case studies, including drama and opera in the Nineteenth Century through the lens of Adelaide Ristori and Giuseppe Verdi, the financing of theatre between the fascist 1930s and the rise of democracy, and the current framework for the funding of the performing arts in the country.

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