Who are we?

NIMES (Network of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Studies) lacks an establishment date, but not a rich history.

Its founding members met at Imperial College Business School, where they forged academic and personal relationships that they brought with them in their new workplaces, spread across all over the globe.

With years passing, and collaborations still going strong, they realised that in “formalising” their network, and broadening it with fresh perspectives and ideas, much could be gained, both by them, and other like-minded scholars.

So, NIMES was born! Out of frequent discussions and informal chats, a volcanic network developed during the last 20 years took a definite shape during the 2022 summer, with the first formal NIMES meeting.


NIMES aims to support and promote “high risk – high reward” research initiatives, especially during their inception phase.

In doing so, we also strive to strengthen a collaborative network between scholars, most of whom are based at some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, including the University of Bologna, Imperial College Business School, Bocconi University, Copenhagen Business School, Emlyon Business School, Aarhus University and the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Members of the group are committed to join a diverse set of initiatives, including conferences, workshops and seminars, with the final goal of shaping the most innovative trends emerging in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation (I&E).

Being at the forefront of I&E research is what NIMES is all about!


More than 10 countries, 7 universities, 1 language spoken: entrepreneurship and innovation research.

United by this common passion, NIMES members are a diverse bunch, spanning different origins, seniority and interests, that share a passion for discussion, healthy arguments and even better food!

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