MIGRANTHEATRE is a project granted by the UNA Europa Alliance and it includes scholars from different countries and areas of research. The UNA Universities supporting the project are the University of Bologna, KU Leuven, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, University of Edinburgh, Jagiellonian University Cracow.

University of Bologna

Coordinating Unit

The Unit of the University of Bologna is led by the Principal Investigator Matteo Paoletti (Senior Assistant professor in Theatre studies).

It includes Gerardo Guccini (Associate Professor in Theatre studies), Elena Cervellati (Associate Professor in Theatre studies), Roberta Paltrinieri, (Full Professor in Sociology of Culture and Communication), Giulia Allegrini (Senior Assistant Professor in Sociology of Culture and Communication), and two PhD students (Xiao Huang and Emanuele Regi).

KU Leuven

Research Unit

The Unit of KU Leuven is led by Bart Philipsen (Full Professor in German Literature) and it includes Sofie de Smet, a postdoctoral researcher affiliated to the research group Parenting and Special Education Research Unit (KU Leuven) and S:PAM (theatre & performance studies, Ghent University).

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Research Unit

The unit of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid is led by Diego Santos (Secretario académico del Instituto del Teatro de Madrid) and it includes Julio Vélez (Professor of Spanish Literature and Director of the Theatre Institute of Madrid).

University of Edinburgh

Research Unit

The unit of the University of Edinburgh is led by Federica Pedriali (Professor of Literary Metatheory and Modern Italian Studies) and it includes the PhD students Sofia Nakou and Irene Ros.

Jagiellonian University Cracow

Research Unit

The unit of Jagiellonian University Cracow is led by Dariusz Kosiński (Professor in Performing arts studies) and it includes the PhD students Agata M. Skrzypek and Julia Lizurek.

Cantieri Meticci

Project partner

Cantieri Meticci APS is collective of artists from over twenty countries around the world. In Bologna it has been activating for years workshops that mix different arts and people, in the belief that to create something really new you need to look for it and cultivate it where no one has ever looked before. And so we go to suburban neighborhoods, schools, shelters, small neighborhood libraries, parishes. And we meet people: sometimes reluctant, sometimes annoyed, often eager to tell a story, and to engage in a project that puts them at the center.

The company is led by director Pietro Floridia.