• One wide challenge, many tiny solutions

  • October-December 2022

  • 1 online and 1
    in-person module

  • Seminars, Q&As, workshops

  • 4 European Partners

  • Lifelong Learning Certificate

  • Week 1: € 500
    Week 1 and 2: € 1200

Why choose us

In an interactive and fluid context, you will acquire key tools to face the challenges of the utilities sector. You will explore various topics: from waste and water management to the application of best practices in contexts of shared regulation.
Professors and international experts will make you re-evaluate what you know about legal, social, and economic subjects.
You will be able to create synergies and share experiences with other professionals from utility companies, start-ups, representatives from local authorities, and graduates, in order to become a leader for change.

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