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Research Lines

Homogeneous catalysis.....

Key-words: gold, indole, p-alcohols, organo-catalysis, photocatalysis, carbocatalysis, heterocyclic compounds


We are interested in the development of innovative catalytic methodologies based on metal-, metal-free, carbocatalysis and photo-catalysis.

In the frame of the asymmetric synthesis we are focusing of new catalytic methodologies based on metal (i.e. [Au(I)], [Ni(II)]) and  metal-free (Broensted acid) catalysis with particular emphasis on "coupling" environmentally acceptable alcohols with unsaturated hydrocarbons and arenes.

Emerging research programs in our group deal with the use of visible-light photocatalysis for the generation of highly reactive chemical species to be trapped via concomitant chemo-catalytic processes and the use of graphene and graphene-derivatives (i.e. carbocatalysis)  as enabling techniques in organic transformations.

Most of our catalytic systems tackles the synthesis of complex molecular architectures featuring poly-cyclic fused heterocyclic scaffolds.

The identification of unprecedented synthetic routes or the replacement of existing but obsolete chemical synthetic protocols with modern and more Simple, Selective and Sustainable alternatives is our ultimate goal......

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