The research groups involved in the project are the Electrochemical Laboratory of Materials for Energetics (UNIBO) and the Carbon Based Nano Materials Research Group (UP), with interdisciplinary experiences in the field of energy materials.

Francesca Soavi

Italian Scientific Project Director

Current position: Permanent researcher in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Bologna - From 2017 President of the Division
3 - Memorization and conversion of electrochemical energy - of the International Electrochemical Company from 2013 delegated to the third party
Mission of the Chemistry Department Giacomo Ciamician. • Research activity: electrochemical and chemical-physical studies and synthesis of materials for
electrochemical conversion and / or energy storage systems. Integration of supercapacitors in autonomous and low-level devices
microbial cells and solar cells. • 1996 Training Degree in Chemistry - 2002 PhD in Chemical Sciences 2002 Specialization in
Chemical control and analysis methods 1997-2008, Scholarships and research contracts -2013-2017 Visiting Senior Researcher at Ecole
Polytechnique Montreal, Quebec, and the University of New Mexico, New Mexico. • Awards and projects: 2015 award for Canada-Italy innovation
2017-2019 PI of the Mobility Research project - Italy-Quebec bilateral executive program • Publications 82 articles in international journals,
7 chapters of books, 1 encyclopedic voice, 2 patents (1 related to the project: C. Santoro et al, 62155636) and over 120 presentations to
Conferences. H-index 29 (Scopus). • Evaluator for national, European and international agencies and for international electrochemical journals,
Materials Science and Inorganic and Chemical-Physical Chemistry • Guest Editor of the Special Issue 2017 of Electrochimica Acta on
Supercapacitors, associate editor of renewable and sustainable energy materials and borders in chemistry • Co-organizer of
workshops and symposia on electrochemical energetics, in particular the upcoming annual meetings of the International Electrochemical Society
to be held in Bologna (2018) and Durban (2019) • Teaching: Coordinator of the Sustainability Course: environment, energy and global challenges -General chemistry professor, supervisor and thesis co-examiner and doctoral thesis.

Ncholu Manyala

South Africa Scientific Coordinator

Current position: Professor in Physica and Chair SARChI in Carbon Technology and Materials, University of Pretoria • Education: PhD in Experimental Science, Louisiana State University, USA (1994-2000), BSc Honors & MSc, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, ( 1990-1992), BSc., National University of Lesotho (1985-1989) • Professional Experiences: Professor and SARChI (since 2016), University of Pretoria, Associate Professor and Deputy Chair of SARCHI (2012-2015) and Senior Lecturer (2009 -2011) in Carbon Technology and Materials, Department of Physics, University of Pretoria. Senior Lecturer (2004-2008) and Lecturer (1992-2003), Department of Physics, National University of Lesotho (2004-2008) • Scholarships and Awards: Nano-Sciences for African-Network (NANOAFNET) Award for Sabbatical leave, iThemba LABS, South Africa (2006-2007) African Laser Center (ALC) Award for Sabbatical leave, iThemba LABS, South Africa (2006-2007) Fulbright Scholarship, PhD degree at Louisiana State University, USA (1994-2000) Foundation for Research and Development (FRD), MSc degree, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa (1991-1992) Manpower Development Secretariat Scholarship [Lesotho Government], BSc. Degree, National University of Lesotho, Lesotho (1985-1989) • Associations in Society: Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Regular Associate (2006-2014), International Society of Electrochemistry and of the South African Institute of Physics (current) . Evaluator for THRIP projects on materials science, Chairman of the organizing committee of the Energy postgraduate conference, ithemba LABS, Cape Town, (August 2013), Member of the local organizing committees of the International conference in Frontiers in Polymers and Advanced Materials (ICFPAM), University of Pretoria, South Africa (since May 2011) • Publications: 83 publications and more than 45 on Supercapacitors, 1300 citations. H-index = 19 (Scopus).