International PhD College Students

Our PhD students until the XXXVII cycle

Priyanka Rao

Priyanka Rao

PhD program in Health, Safety and Green Systems - XXXVII cycle

University of Master's Degree: Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Indian Space Research Organization, India

Short bio: I received Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Geography from the University of Rajasthan, India. Further, I received Master of Technology (M.Tech) degree in Remote Sensing & GIS with a specialization in Urban and Regional Studies from the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Indian Space Research Organization, India. Currently, I am a PhD research scholar in Health, Safety, and Green Systems at the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Bologna, Italy. My active research interests are Urban greenSpaces, Urban Climate, Urban Landscape, Spatio-temporal and Big Data Analysis, Satellite Image Analysis, Machine Learning, and Geo-Data Visualization.

Research interests: urban greenery, remote sensing, GIS, big data, healthy cities, urban regeneration, urban climate

Supervisor: Stefania Toselli - Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor SciencesDaniele Torreggiani - Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Yitagele Terefe Mekonnen

Yitagele Terefe Mekonnen

PhD program in Animal Production and Food Safety - XXXVII cycle

University of Master's Degree: Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium -  Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Short bio: I am working as instructor and researcher in Haramaya University, Ethiopia. I am a veterinarian with MSc degrees in Veterinary public health and Tropical animal Health and control of zoonosis. During my previous academic and research trainings, I acquired knowledge and skills on molecular epidemiology of foodborne pathogens in the “One Health” prospective. I have experience on microbiological and molecular tools for the detection and quantification of food borne pathogens. I have a strong interest on academic and research that will equip my scientific career with the necessary skills to take part in problem solving and developing innovative research towards tackling of public health challenges related to food borne pathogens and antibiotic resistance. Specifically, my main interest is molecular epidemiology of foodborne pathogens and possible applications of microbiota-based strategies in food animal productions.

Research areas: molecular epidemiology of food borne pathogens; microbiota; zoonoses; one health; antimicrobial resistance

Supervisor: Alessandra De Cesare - Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Igor Piotr Bajena

Igor Piotr Bajena

PhD program in Architecture and Design Cultures - XXXVII cycle

University of Master's Degree: Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Short bio: Architect, born and raised in Biała Podlaska (Poland). He studied architecture and urban planning at Warsaw University of Technology and graduated in 2019 with a MSc in architecture on architectural heritage specialty. Since august 2019 he worked as a research associate at the Architecture Institute of the University of Mainz in the field of digital reconstruction. His main research interest lies in the topic of source-based reconstruction, 3D modelling, infrastructure for documentation and publication of digital reconstructions and data visualization.

Research interests: source-based reconstructions, 3d reconstructions, data modelling, web-based research environments, documentation standards

Supervisor: Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio - Department of Architecture, Piotr Kuroczyński - Hochschule Mainz, Germany

Xiaodan Wu

Xiaodan Wu

PhD program in Management - XXXVII cycle

University of Master's Degree:  Miami University, USA - Liaoning Normal University, China

Short bio: Xiaodan is a Ph.D. student in the Management track. She holds two master’s degrees in Psychology from China and the United States. Before joining Bologna University, she had also been working in academics, institutions, and entrepreneurial firms. She worked as an educational psychology researcher at Haidian District Institute of Educational Science and a private education management officer at Haidian District Bureau of Education in Beijing (China). She also researched at Perking University, Tinghua University, Miami University, and Liaoning Normal University.

Research areas: interdisciplinary studies; organizational behavior; strategic management 

SupervisorRiccardo Fini - Department of Management 

Vladislav Volosov

Vladislav Volosov

PhD program in Automotive Engineering for Intelligent Mobility - XXXVII cycle

University of Master's Degree: Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia

Short bio:  Bachelor in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at Moscow University of Electronic Technology - Master of Science cum laude in Design and Technology of Electronic Devices at Moscow Aviation Institute. After his master’s degree, Vladislav worked for ITELMA, Moscow. He was a member of the Engine Control Units and Body Control Modules development team. Vladislav’s PhD research is focused on semiconductor power devices for automotive applications.

Research areas: electronics, engine control systems, automotive industry, power semiconductors, MOSFET

Supervisor: Andrea Natale Tallarico - Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Shirin Hajahmadi

Shirin Hajahmadi

PhD program in Computer Science and Engineering - XXXVII cycle

University of Master's Degree: Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran

Short bio: I hold a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in cognitive psychology. My master thesis was focused on studying the navigational behavior of humans in complex curved virtual environments. I was working for one year and ten months as a research fellow at the University of Bologna, collaborating in Comprendo project, to develop a desktop game to improve executive functions in children with special needs. Now, I am starting my Ph.D. to design and implement virtual environments in the field of cognitive science.  

Research interests: Cognitive Science, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Technology-enhanced Learning, Application of AI in Games

Supervisor: Gustavo Marfia - Department of the Arts
Co-supervisor: Luciano Bononi - Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Jose Luis Albites Sanabria

Jose Luis Albites Sanabria

PhD program in Health And Technology - XXXVII cycle

University of Master's Degree: Brown University, USA

Short bio:  Jose Albites Sanabria holds a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Brown University (USA) and a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering at UNI (Peru). His research interests are directed to brain computer interfaces, assistive devices, movement analysis, neurorehabilitation, wearable sensors, digital biomarkers, and fall risk assessment. Jose is a PhD candidate in the Health and Technology program at University of Bologna and a PhD fellow at the International PhD college, Institute of Advanced Studies.

Research areas: medical engineering, neural signal processing, rehabilitation, machine learning

Supervisor: Lorenzo Chiari - Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Xin Zhang

Xin Zhang

PhD program in Economics - XXXVI cycle

University of Master's Degree: Xiamen University, China

Research interests: Experimental economics; Environmental economics; Behavioral economics

Supervisor: Maria Bigoni - Department of Economics

Amirdhavarshini Padmanabhan

Amirdhavarshini Padmanabhan

PhD program in Health and Technologies - XXXVI cycle

University of Master's Degree: Universite Bourgogne Franche Comte, France

Research interests: Electrospun scaffolds; Regeneration; Ligaments and Tendons; Polymer science; PLLA

Supervisor: Maria Letizia Focarete - Department of  Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Sidra Asghar

Sidra Asghar

Phd program in Oncology, Hematology and Pathology - XXXVI cycle

University of Master's Degree: National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan

Short bio: I am working on identifying biomarkers to detect Hepatocellular carcinoma at an early stage. I would be looking at potential use of snoRNA as blood biomarkers.

Research interests: Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Liquid Biopsy, snoRNA, Ribosomes, Cell cycle

Supervisor: Lorenzo Montanaro - Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine

Iuliia Selivanova

Iuliia Selivanova

PhD program in Future Earth, Climate change and societal challenges - XXXV cycle

University of Master's Degree: Lomonosov Moscow State Univeristy, Russia

Short bio: I have a broad interest in polar climate and interaction of air, sea ice and ocean. My research so far has focused on evaluation of Antarctic sea ice variability at different time scales in global ocean reanalyses. The further step will include investigation of  ocean–atmosphere–sea ice interaction processes using numerical simulations.  Besides the main topic I’m interested in data analysis and visualization, urbanism, geography, nutrition science. I dance samba and also like hiking and running. 

Research areas: Sea ice, Antarctic, polar climate, marginal ice zone, ocean reanalyses, air-sea interaction

SupervisorDorotea Iovino - CMCC

Abdelmagid Basyouny A. B. Sakr

Abdelmagid Basyouny A. B. Sakr

PhD program in Literary and Philological Cultures - XXXV cycle

University of Master's Degree: Ain Shams university, Cairo, Egypt 

Short bio: 

2009-2013: Bachelor’s degree in italian studies. Faculty of languages (Al alsun), University of Ain Shams, Cairo (Egypt);

2013–2016: Diploma of higher studies in Translation studies. Faculty of languages (Al alsun), University of Ain Shams, Cairo (Egypt);

2015-2017: a teaching assistant at the department of Italian studies, Faculty of languages (Al alsun), University of Ain Shams, Cairo (Egypt);

2017–2019 Master in Linguistics. University of Padua, Padua (Italy).

Research interests: Languages for special purposes; terminology; sociolinguistics; communication

Supervisor:  Matteo Viale - Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies
Co-supervisor: Nicola Grandi - Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies