The Art of the Impossible that makes Cloud Computing and Blockchains possible

Revolutionary possibilities of cloud computing and blockchains in data storage and exchange

  • Date: 18 JUNE 2024  from 17:30 to 19:00

  • Event location: Sala Rossa, Palazzo Marchesini, Via Marsala, 26 - Bologna - In presence and online event

  • Type: Lectures

Cloud computing and blockchains are two revolutionary technologies that have transformed the way we store, process, and exchange data in the digital world. They have enabled possibilities and opportunities that for several decades were considered unthinkable or unfeasible. The rigorous guarantees offered by these modern technologies rest on a sophisticated, elegant, and delightfully mischievous theory: it predicts that many of the fundamental problems tackled by these technologies are actually impossible to solve! Distributed computing, my research area, has thus, by necessity, refined over the last fifty years the art of recognizing, and circumventing, "the impossible". We will see this process up close for the central problem of distributed computing (and of blockchains): under which conditions is it possible for a set of agents, each proposing a value, to reach agreement on one of the proposed values? Examples and case studies will integrate the talk.


ISA Visiting Fellow - Lorenzo Alvisi

Cornell University, NY, United States

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