How do we represent the whole, if it is different from the sum of its parts?

Applying hypergraphs for a holistic understanding of the unknown and unknowable

  • Date: 21 MAY 2024  from 17:30 to 19:00

  • Event location: Sala Rossa, Palazzo Marchesini, Via Marsala, 26 - Bologna - In presence and online event

  • Type: Lectures

R. Chinthalapati’s ISA lecture will focus first of all on applications of hypergraphs, highlighting their nature of tool designed for holistic understanding of the outcome of relations that are either unknown, or unknowable. A preliminary list may include:
(a) Analysis of co-authorship of scientific paper;
(b) Analysis of patent co-authorship;
(c) Analysis of displacement in the physical space provided by a city;
(d) Analysis of alternative combinations of genes;
(e) Analysis of possible decisions in team sports;
(f) Analysis of feasible chemical reactions and mixtures given basic substances, e.g., cuisine.
Subsequently, focus will shift onto R. Chinthalapati’s original contribution, namely the detection and visualization of hypergraph structures. In particular, pictures and examples of hubs and loops will be shown and discussed. The audience will be invited to suggest topics amenable to hypergraph representation. Ideally, if members of other Departments will be in the audience, this could be the starting point of additional collaborations. Lacking suggestions, examples from organizational life will be discussed (e.g., with departments and committees as simplices).


ISA Visiting Fellow - R. Chinthalapati

Goldsmiths, University of London

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