Polymers, Viscoelasticity, and Sustainable Energy

The importance of material structure in sustainable energy applications

  • Date: 12 JULY 2022  from 17:30 to 19:00

  • Event location: In presence and online event

  • Type: Lectures

As a Visiting Fellow for the Institute of Advanced Studies, Daniel Hallinan will deliver a lecture on his academic and research interests related to polymers. The lecture will include a general-audience description of polymers and viscoelasticity, before delving into research topics. The research portion of the talk will examine how material structure can impact properties of importance for sustainable energy applications. Two classes of materials will be introduced:  block copolymers and polymer-grafted nanoparticles. Methods for controlling and measuring their structure will be presented, as well as methods for determining material properties like small-molecule diffusion and viscoelasticity. Some connections between structure and properties will be drawn. Finally, it will be made clear how these properties impact sustainable energy. The lecture will close with an introduction to batteries, as a specific example of a sustainable energy application that would benefit from polymers if we better understood (and could tune) their properties. The lecture will be tailored for a general audience, but will have material of interest for those working specifically in the field of polymers and sustainable energy.

PhD students and researchers who are interested may request an attendance certificate.