Echoes of Sounds and Radio

From Marconi’s experiments to current 5G, an overview of the developed electromagnetic sounders

  • Date: 06 DECEMBER 2022  from 17:30 to 19:00

  • Event location: In presence and online event

  • Type: Lectures

The design of radio systems relies on the accurate characterisation of the radio environment in which they are deployed. These are measured by custom designed equipment known as sounders initially designed to measure the depth of the sea from sound echoes. The technique which has common features with radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) has developed over the years from detecting sound echoes to current sophisticated radio sounding which measures the echoes of electromagnetic waves, first predicted by James Clerk Maxwell (1864). In addition to enabling the design of radio systems, radio sounders are used in oceanography, metrology and geology. The talk will give an overview of the history and an overview of electromagnetic sounders developed to aid in the design of wireless communication networks from long range links as in Marconi’s experiments to current 5G and future mobile radio systems, 6G and contrasted with radar systems.


Sana Salous

Durham University

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