Circulation of glass at the Greco-Scythian frontier in the Black sea region

Glass exchange between Greeks and their neighbors during VI-IV centuries BC

  • Date: 10 MAY 2023  from 17:30 to 19:00

  • Event location: Online on Teams - Online event

  • Type: Lectures

The Greek colonisation of the Northern Black Sea shore created a peculiar historical situation, when goods, innovations and peoples moved incessantly between Greek centers and areas inhabited by “Barbarians”. These processes are reflected by luxury, expensive and rare goods, in particular glass items. So, in this talk, I am going to show the aspects and variability of glass exchange between Greeks and their neighbors against the background of the general historical situation in the region during VI-IV centuries BC. Could we define this set of routes and lines of communications as a ‘frontier’? Were Pontic Greeks living in the ‘frontier situation’?


ISA Visiting Fellow - Anzhelika Kolesnychenko

Archaeological Institute of National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Position in Ukraine: Research fellow, Department of Archaeology of North-Western Black Sea region and Crimea

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