Application procedure


Draw up the proposal

As for 2022, ISA will award the funds to two leading Departments, belonging to different disciplinary areas. Funds can be used to organize events such as symposia, seminars, conferences, workshops or webinars focusing on broad interdisciplinary themes. Each department may identify a cross-cutting theme and propose a program of activities related to it, involving other departments. Proposals will be evaluated taking into account the aspects of originality, social impact and interdisciplinary potential of the chosen topic: the ability to associate Departments from disciplinary areas different from that of the lead Department with the project will be considered rewarding.

Submit it during the Call for proposals period

Send the proposal to - and in copy - by the deadline indicated in the Call for proposals.

Wait for proposal evaluation

The proposals are evaluated by the Scientific Board of the Institute according to the quality of the project and its interdisciplinary aspect  after an in-depth analysis.

Communicate the schedule of events

If your proposal is selected by the Scientific Board of the Institute, send to the schedule of events you plan to held during the academic year of reference.