Project Outputs




Maresca, Alessandro and Giulia dal Maso (2021). Key Performance Indicators as affective objects – Accounting for enchantment and the enchantment of accounting. SIEF2021 15th Congress

Dal Maso, Giulia and Alessandro Maresca (2021). Disclose and Punish: a battle for the making of a new Climate Statecraft in China and Europe. 8th Ethnography and Qualitative Research Conference, Universita di Trento. 10 June

Gómez Muñoz, Natalia (2021). Financialized Deservingness and Entitlement: An Anthropological Exploration of Social Impact Investing in the Colombian Context. 3rd Latin American Transitions ConferenceDisruptions of Latin American Democracies: Roots and dynamics of contemporary conflicts. Coloquio de Estudios Latinoamericanos (CEL-Le), Leipzig University. 17 June. 

Tripathy, Aneil. (2021). Chasing Waves: Strategies for Connecting and Analysing Offices in the Blue Economy. Presenter at 8th Ethnography and Qualitative Research Conference, Universita di Trento. 10 June.

Tripathy, Aneil. (2021). Energized Conversations with Green Bonds: Images and Narratives around Energy in Climate Finance. University of St Andrews Center for Energy Ethics Energy Cafe. 8 June. See presentation here:

Yount-André, Chelsie & Raffaeta, Roberta (2021) COVID Calculations: Risk, health, and assessment within the moral turn in finance. Presenter, Roundtable "Calculating Futures: The Afterlives of Environmental and Health Monitoring. Society for Applied Anthropology. 25 March.

Tripathy, Aneil. (2021). Landscapes of Value in an Office Place. Society for Economic Anthropology Spring Meeting 2021. 4 March. See presentation here:

Maresca, Alessandro and Giulia dal Maso (2021).  The greening of assetisation between eco-alchemy and interpellation. Critical Finance Studies Conference 2020. 27 August

Dal Maso, Giulia and Alessandro Maresca. (2020)  “Auditing for sustainability across boundaries: frictions and tensions in the EU-China green finance nexus” RAI Conference 2020 

Dal Maso, Giulia (2020) "Bridging green asymmetries through crises. The case of the China Three Gorges green bond in Portugal"  24th July. EASA Conference

Maresca, Alessandro (2020). “The quest for the Holy Grail: The drama of green bonds pricing and how the greenium comes to matter” ImpactHau Workshop. March 2020 


Giulia Dal Maso (2021) The Landing of a Chinese Green Bond in Portugal. Focaal Blog. 


2020 "Whose Money? Whose Morals? Podcast." Raising Our Voices: The American Anthropological Association’s Online Event. November 5-14, 2020.

Episode One:

Daniel Beunza, Diane-Laure Arjalies; Aneil Tripathy, Chelsie Yount-André

Episode Two:

Chelsie Yount-André, Aneil Tripathy, Alessandro Maresca, Ben Eyre, Giulia Dal Maso, and Claudia Campisano