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Teams and Interfirm Networks

Team and Work Groups

Teams and work groups allow to pursue complex goals that are difficult to reach by a single person. Paraphrasing the social psychologist Kurt Lewin, the groups allow us to obtain "something that is more than the sum of their parts". Synergy is an added value and enables to cooperate to generate results that, for intensity and quality, would not be possible for single people. Through teams and working groups, organizations try to respond effectively to the growing demands of the market and technological development.

The research group studies the factors that make teams and work groups able to achieve company goals and at the same time to improve the well-being of their members.

Interfirm networks

Italian companies, in particular the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), are increasingly adopting interfirms collaborations to create, manage and improve their business in a shared way. Networks between companies represent a versatile and advantageous way of doing business, but they also entail, for entrepreneurs, managers and workers, a double challenge: on the one hand, it's important to guarantee the operational and managerial functioning of the network, on the other, it is necessary to create and maintain relationships of trust and cooperation between the partners. With our research work. we want to understand how strategic-entrepreneurial, procedural and operational factors facilitate or hinder the establishment of trust and cooperation between partners. Also psychological and relational factors are important. We work to understand what organizational actions can be taken to improve commitment, participation and innovation of entrepreneurs and workers in the implementation of the network project.