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Creativity and organizational innovation


Creativity and Organizational Innovation

Companies and workers are increasingly required to actively contribute to the innovation and development of organizations by noting, and reporting, organizational problems and inefficiencies but also by providing ideas and solutions on how to solve them. Idea boards, improvement groups, training on creative thinking are only some of the most used business strategies for the continuous improvement of processes, products and organizational procedures.

Our research group investigates the factors that can encourage workers and employees to suggest ideas, and to examine and implement them with colleagues and superiors, if approved by management.

organizational innovation

Service Climate and Satisfaction of users/customers

Companies operate in a competitive environment trying to make sure, on the one hand, customer satisfaction and loyalty and, on the other hand, good economic results. Organizations that know how to create procedures and a culture that inspires employees to provide quality service, have more satisfied and loyal customers, and therefore also greater profits and a better reputation.

The research group has validated a tool to measure the service climate and investigates the organizational and individual factors that influence the service climate and user satisfaction.