Chair: EU Digital Market Law (E-DSM)

The digital revolution and technologies are transforming the economy and social relations across the world, posing unprecedented policy and regulatory challenges, and undermining existing legal frameworks and principles. The Covid19 pandemic has demonstrated the acceleration of the digital economic model. Digitalisation presents opportunities and risks for the European economy and market. Fundamental rights and other economic rights are involved. The EU Digital Single Market attempts to remove regulatory barriers and move from national markets to a single EU market. The Recovery Plan places digitalisation as a top priority. Regulation plays a pivotal role in the shaping of a EU single market fit for a sustainable digital economy, ensuring an optimal economic and social balance. Also, a properly regulated market offers an unprecedented opportunity for a competitive model in the world economy. How it is decided what the rules are is one of the most important challenges facing policymakers today. The Chair aims at giving support, visibility and enhanced impact to the teaching and other side academic activities in this critical area of EU integration. The Chair aims at achieving the following core objectives: delivering excellence in teaching and preparing future generations to the regulatory challenges of the digital economy and markets; establishing collaborative interdisciplinary research and cross-fertilisation on selected, well-identified issues surrounding the Digital Single Market; publishing open-access articles, contributing to the policy debate and a deeper understanding of the socio-economic and legal principles of EU integration in the digital sphere; producing high-quality didactic material by publishing a book; enhancing understanding, exploitation, and strategies surrounding the digital sphere and its regulation among young generations and the civil society; engaging with other academics on research, teaching, and dissemination; informing policy-making and the judiciary.

Chair: Prof. Federico Ferretti

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The E-DSM Chair is co-funded by the European Union within the Framework of Erasmus + 2021/2027.

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