The Summer School

Academic Director: Professor Antonella Coralini, Department of History and Cultures


The process of digitisation of cultural heritage calls for a renewal in the training of professionals able to produce, communicate and manage digital content.

The DIGITARCH Summer School is aimed at those who already work, or intend to work, in the cultural sector and wish to acquire or perfect the skills of the curator of digital collections with a focus on archaeological heritage, tangible and intangible, from excavation to museum.

The 2023 edition is enriched by the collaboration of Wikimedia Italia, a community for the dissemination of free knowledge.

Main goals

In collaboration with a network of national and international partners, the Summer School offers an immersive training experience with classroom lectures complemented by seminar and workshop activities.

In the 2023 edition, after the introductory week, the activities will focus, under the guidance of Wikimedia Italia experts, on participatory content creation for the communication of archaeological heritage.

These are the main objectives of DIGITARCH

  • promote a critical approach to the purposes and modes, outcomes and perspectives of the digital turn in archaeology;
  • to promote the training of specialised skills in the field of Digital Humanities applied to archaeology;
  • foster the training of highly professionalised skills;
  • contribute to the dissemination of tangible and intangible cultural heritage;
  • to contribute to the development of a community of practitioners in the field of digital humanities capable of fostering continuous training and constant updating of its members.


Isabella Baldini

Università di Bologna, DISCI

Georgia Cantoni

Musei Civici di Reggio Emilia

Antonella Coralini

Università di Bologna, DISCI, Direttore

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Daniele Donati

Università di Bologna, DAR

Antonio Gottarelli

Università di Bologna, DISCI

Maria Teresa Guaitoli

Università di Bologna, DISCI

Silvia Pellegrini

Museo Civico di Modena

Federica Pesce

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Nicola Santopuoli

Università di Bologna, DISCI

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