4-8 July

Thanks to the collaboration of the Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia and the Civic Museum of Modena, as a vital part of the training course, the Summer School offers participants the opportunity to work on real case studies, applying the knowledge they have acquired during the classroom activities.


Digital strategies and communications for archives and archaeological storage 

The Museum wants to tell the evolving story of Modena and its community through its exhibition rooms and the city heritage and beyond, such as the Unesco Site, the Archaeological Park of Montale and the Archaeological Park of Mutina.

Thanks to the Cantiere Estense Project launch, which will lead to the expansion of the exhibition area, the Museum is now engaged in a new challenge: to design and update the museum exhibition areas to facilitate the interpretation of the collection on display strongly connected to its context. The Museum's renovation project also involves the “invisible” heritage, kept in the museum storages, that have been reorganised following the Re-ORG METHOD in collaboration with ICCROM and the Emilia-Romagna Region in 2020/2021.


Finally, the Municipality of Modena is carrying out the "Open gate. A new gate for the city", where Palazzo dei Musei, a complex containing the city's main cultural institutions, including the spaces of the Civic Museum, is viewed as a place that combines real and virtual spaces of the city's culture. The Palazzo dei Musei will be the main cultural container and active laboratory of the city's identity, thanks to the creation of new multimedia installations and the digitalisation of part of the collections.

The project proposed by the Civic Museum of Modena for DIGITARCH is aimed at developing a reflection on the museum of the future aiming at elaborating a digital communication project that connects the heritage on display and the heritage in the storage, between the the object on display and the context, in a new narrative. The underlying principle of the project is the accessibility of information, an essential objective for the sustainable development of museums and communities.

The challenge that the participants in the Summer School need to face is to design an interactive digital communication and narration that enhances the relationships between the heritage on display, the archives and collection in the storages interweaving content, narratives, and in-depth cross-references to connect the different souls of the Museum.



Palazzo dei Musei - sala ex Oratorio

Largo Porta Sant'Agostino 337

Monday 4th July

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Thursday 7th July

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Friday 8th July

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Museo Civico di Modena

Museo Civico di Modena - Salone dell'Archeologia
Ricostruzione digitale del foro di Mutina sulla città contemporanea (www.mutinaromana.it)
Ricostruzione digitale dell'anfiteatro di Mutina sulla città contemporanea (www.mutinaromana.it)