20-24 June

Bologna Campus, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna | Lessons on-site. However, in cases in which participants can provide evidence proving that it is impossible for them to attend, they will be able to follow the course online


Digital Collections for archaeology: introduction, best practices and case studies



* Via Zamboni 34, Aula D
Via Zamboni 34, Aula Affreschi

* Monday 20th June

"Welcome speech, Summer School goals and partners’ presentation"
Antonella Coralini, Director of the Summer School, Professor in Classical Archaeology, University of Bologna and all the partners

“Essential digital skills for Museum Professionals in Mu.SA project”
Dr. Eng. Achilles D. Kameas - Professor, Hellenic Open University, Head of DAISSy Research Group

“How to narrate museums and sites: Augmented reality and storytelling”
Antonella Coralini, Professor in Classical Archaeology, University of Bologna
Antonella Guidazzoli, Director of VisItLab, CINECA

“Archeaological museums and the digital world: The MANN model”
Paolo Giulierini, Director of Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

Europeana. Between the platform and the communities, research and tools.
Alba Irollo, Research Coordinator, Europeana

Tuesday 21st June

“User Experience Design and Cultural heritages”
Fabio Vitali, Full Professor in Informatics, University of Bologna

"Cultural Heritage and Information visualization"
Marilena Daquino, Assistant Professor in Archival Science, University of Bologna

The lecture will address fundamental aspects related to information visualization, including visualization methods, techniques, and good practices to design data-driven stories. Part of the lecture is dedicated to a hands-on session wherein to apply described concepts and practices into a real-world example leveraging cultural heritage data.

Wednesday 22nd June

“Digital Archives for Byzantine Archaeology and art history”
Isabella Baldini, Full Professor in Christian and Medieval Archaeology, University of Bologna
Responsabile del progetto BYZART

“New methodologies and old sheets of paper: recovering pre-digital documentation in the digital age”
Cristiano Putzolu, Methods of Archaeological Research, University of Bologna

Thursday 23rd June

“Digital Communication, Cultural Heritage, Storytelling. The importance of narration in the activities and approaches of the Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna.”
Simone Zambruno, FrameLab, University of Bologna

12-13, 14-17
“Organizing and retrieving archaeological resources: entanglements among contexts and knowledge”
Maurizio Cattani, Professor in Prehistory and Early History, University of Bologna

Friday 24th June

10-13, 14-15
“Cultural heritage law in the Digital Age (1)”
Daniele Donati, Professor in Administrative Law, University of Bologna

“Cultural heritage law in the Digital Age (2)”
Pierpaolo Forte, Professor in Administrative Law, University of Sannio