The DIAPASoN seminar is currently held on-line every two Thursday of the month at 11am.
It is a mix of internal and external presentations revolving around DIAPASoN topics.

To attend the seminar with us and be updated on the new-coming sessions please to the seminar .

If you wish to give a presentation to the DIAPASoN seminar, you are warmly welcome to write to in charge of the organisation.

Agenda 2021

  • 22/07 (Joint seminar!):  Carol Mak (Oxford University) - Nonparametric Hamiltonian Monte Carlo ;
     Dominik Wagner (Oxford University) - Densities of Almost Surely Terminating Probabilistic Programs are Differentiable Almost Everywhere
  • 17/06 (4PM): Prakash Panangaden (McGill University) - Improved representations via sampling-based state similarity for Markov decision processes
  • 10/06: Alexis Ghyselen (ENS Lyon) - Sized Types for Complexity of Parallel Computation in Pi-Calculus
  • 03/06:  Maurizio Murgia (Università di Trento) - Asynchronous Timed Session Types
  • 22/04: Margherita Zorzi (Università di Verona) - Host-Core Programming Theory: foundations
  • 15/04: Hugo Paquet (Oxford University) - Memoization in probabilistic models of linear logic and game semantics
  • 11/03: Andrea Colledan (Univ. Bologna) - Abstract Machine Semantics for Quipper
  • 04/03 : Francesco Dagnino (Università di Genova) - On Quantitative Equality in Graded Doctrines
  • 04/02 : Marie Kerjean (LIPN, Université Paris 13) - ∂ is for Dialectica: Typing Differentiable Programming
  • 14/01 : Giulio Guerrieri (University of Bath) - Categorifying Non-Idempotent Intersection Types
  • 07/01 : Sabine Bauer (TUM Munich) A Tree Constraint Solver for Complexity Analysis of Object-oriented Programs


Agenda 2020

  • 17/12 : Davide Barbarossa (LIPN, Université Paris 13) - The resource lambda-mu-calculus, with  some applications