The DIAPASoN seminar is currently held on-line once or twice a month, on Friday at 12pm. It is a mix of internal and external presentations revolving around DIAPASoN topics. The invited seminars take place online, while the informal seminars takes place physically in Aula Ercolani 3. To attend the seminar with us and be updated about the forthcoming sessions, please subscribe to the seminar mailing list. If you wish to give a presentation to the DIAPASoN seminar, you are warmly welcome to write to Paolo Pistone in charge of the organisation.

Agenda 2021

  • 16/12: Simone Tini (Università dell'Insubria, Varese)
  • 02/12 (2PM): Marco Gaboardi (Boston University, Boston)
  • 25/11: Shin-ya Katsumata (National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo)
  • 28/10 (4PM): Justin Hsu (Cornell University, Ithaca) - A Separation Logic for Probabilistic Independence
  • 22/07 (Joint seminar!):  Carol Mak (Oxford University) - Nonparametric Hamiltonian Monte Carlo ;
     Dominik Wagner (Oxford University) - Densities of Almost Surely Terminating Probabilistic Programs are Differentiable Almost Everywhere
  • 17/06 (4PM): Prakash Panangaden (McGill University) - Improved representations via sampling-based state similarity for Markov decision processes
  • 10/06: Alexis Ghyselen (ENS Lyon) - Sized Types for Complexity of Parallel Computation in Pi-Calculus
  • 03/06:  Maurizio Murgia (Università di Trento) - Asynchronous Timed Session Types
  • 22/04: Margherita Zorzi (Università di Verona) - Host-Core Programming Theory: foundations
  • 15/04: Hugo Paquet (Oxford University) - Memoization in probabilistic models of linear logic and game semantics
  • 11/03: Andrea Colledan (Univ. Bologna) - Abstract Machine Semantics for Quipper
  • 04/03 : Francesco Dagnino (Università di Genova) - On Quantitative Equality in Graded Doctrines
  • 04/02 : Marie Kerjean (LIPN, Université Paris 13) - ∂ is for Dialectica: Typing Differentiable Programming
  • 14/01 : Giulio Guerrieri (University of Bath) - Categorifying Non-Idempotent Intersection Types
  • 07/01 : Sabine Bauer (TUM Munich) A Tree Constraint Solver for Complexity Analysis of Object-oriented Programs


Agenda 2020

  • 17/12 : Davide Barbarossa (LIPN, Université Paris 13) - The resource lambda-mu-calculus, with  some applications