• September 2022 February 2023

  • 2 online modules, 1 in-person module

  • Exercises and case studies

  • 5 European Partners

  • 9 ECTs Certificate

  • € 500 fee

Module 3

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Why choose us

You will learn how collecting, interpreting, and transforming data can help to develop successful business strategies.
Would you become more competitive on the market? We keep you up with the times adding value thanks to the topics which include innovative technologies, languages of the online world, and strategies for the analysis and interpretation of data.
Stay on the cutting edge, open up to new solutions! From unconventional reasoning to revolutionary business strategies.

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The end of the Course is only the beginning

You will obtain not only an official, internationally recognised certificate but also you will:

- break old habits and methods, keeping pace with current trends
- be able to use data to develop successful business strategies
- acquire versatile skills and methods which will allow you to adapt data interpretation to various contexts
- update and develop your soft skills
- be able to nurture talents and become more competitive in the market

All that's left for you is to apply what you have learned to enhance your work.

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