Chemometrics Courses are organized for Teachers and Companies.

The aim is to provide students with the ability to design a chemical-analytical methodology from sampling to data analysis, starting from the design of experiments to arrive at the correct processing of data and presentation of the final technical report.

With these objectives, the following mathematical and statistical knowledge is provided.


  • Confidence interval, significance tests (t-test, F-test, ANOVA).
  • Calibration in quantitative chemical analysis (external standard method, standard addition method, internal standard method).


  • Exploration of multivariate data (Principal Components Analysis, PCA; Cluster Analysis, CA).
  • Multivariate modeling methods (regression by Partial Least-Squares, PLS; classification by Linear Discriminant Analysis, LDA and PLS-DA).
  • Design of experiments (DOE).

Students will acquire the computer skills for the application of chemometric methods, thus developing the specific competence of a Chemometrician:

optimizing an entire chemical analysis process.

Courses may be personalized as for contents and scheduling.
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