Thermogravimetric analysis requires few milligrams of sample, 10-20 mg would be a proper amount. The analyses could be performed even on 1 mg of sample if there is only interest in the main signals. The temperature range covered by the instrument is between room temperature to 1500 °C.


As for TGA, differential scanning calorimetry requires few milligrams of material, 2-10 mg would be a proper amount for the analyses. The temperature range covered by the instrument is from -90 to 450 °C.

Transmission and ATR- FTIR

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analysis can be performed on very little amount of sample either encapsulating the sample in KBr or using attenuated total reflection (ATR). This last method is a surface analyses especially suitable for films or organic materials.

X-ray diffraction

For high quality analyses wide angle X-ray diffraction usually requires a significant amount of sample (enough to cover a holder 1.5 x 1.5 cm with a 200 um thick layer). Depending of the crystallinity of the sample and the aquisition parameters it could be performed also on less than a milligram of material.


Scanning electron microscopy analyses and interpretation. Sample preparation for the analyses is included. Our group has a wide experience in both polymeric and inorganic materials, both synthetic and biogenic.