YES! – Young Europeans at School!

Young Europeans at School (YES!) relies on the joint initiative of secondary schools teachers and the International Research Centre in European Law (CIRDE) of the University of Bologna. Heart of the project is to spread and diffuse facts and ideas on European Integration among the younger generations.

The need is justified by the enduring lack of dissemination of the process of European integration in italian secondary schools. Since the last years something changed, but practically it is impossible in the 5 years long of Italian secondary school to deal with the European Union. The project is addressed to last year students (18 to 19 years old), who are in train to be enrolled in undergraduate courses.

Accordingly it aims to be also a vocational training, making them aware of the opportunity of a career in international organizations and in an international environment. Another target of the project are secondary schools teachers. They will take an active part in the selection of the appropriate pedagogical method for pupils through a series of bilateral meetings. And they will be object of a specific training aiming at giving more space to the history of European integration in the secondary schools teaching programmes.

The working languages are English, French and Italian. This in order to foster the international character of Italian secondary school and to make students aware of the linguistic skills required to be competitive during the undergraduate or in the workplace.