Trashware Project: Give your old PC to those in need

The trashware - a term derived from the English word trash, garbage - is the practice of recovering personal computers destined for disposal in order to donate them to those in need.

What is Trashware Cesena

Trashware Cesena is a project by SPRITe student association and aimed to the reconditioning of computer equipment (computers, screens, printers, ...) that will be subsequently donated to those who need it and can not or does not want to buy new ones or make them available for events. The term "Trashware" derives precisely from this concept and is a compound word created from combining the English term "trash", or garbage, with "hardware", in this case computer devices.


Trashware Cesena has multiple objectives:

fight premature obsolescence of IT devices, or avoid that they are throwed away
only because they are not useful in a specific field, using it for other purposes;

decrease the digital divide, then increase the percentage of the population that has access to information technologies, such as the web;
favor the computerization of education and the non-profit world, guaranteeing both services as appropriate as the customization of the software installed on the donated computers;
promote the use of open and free software, or software that grants anyone the right to use it, study it, modify it and redistribute it;
allow anyone to put their knowledge of hardware and electronics into practice using our laboratory as a learning workshop.


Recovery activity

Trashware Cesena operates in the municipality of Cesena and neighboring areas.

We collect material from anyone who wants to donate. The material must meet certain requirements, below which unfortunately we also consider it a refusal.

Subsequently, the material is conducted at our laboratory, where a small group of children takes care of solving the problems and, if necessary, strengthen it. We mainly recover computers, to which we then add all the peripherals that the applicant needs, obviously based on availability.

Finally, once ready, we take care of delivering the material to the applicant.


How to contribute to the project?

We are a group of university students of the computer science course in Cesena, but we want to integrate in our project various skills from highly diversified field because we believe that diversity and collaboration are a key to improvement, especially in the areas of the project in which our background is not enough . We are open to dialogue with other companies in the sector.

If you want to follow us, collaborate, know us or just have a chat, here are our contacts:

  • email: at;
  • facebook page:
  • instagram: trashware_cesena.


Supporters and project partners are: Municipality of Cesena, Hera S.p.A. and Polo Scientifico - Didactic UniBo di Cesena.