The community of the future

Third Mission Projects; Western Balkans

The project (Department of Education Studies) contributes to the deinstitutionalisation and decentralization in Albania with the Social Law of 2005, and to the Albanian national development strategy on human development and social cohesion, with a special focus on protection of disadvantaged children and youth.

Thousands of orphans live in institutions, boarding schools and with relatives different from their biological family, but these solutions are inappropriate to guarantee a suitable human development and a sustainable livelihood.

They are living in marginality, which is an obstacle to grow up in welcoming and encouraging contexts, to access the job market and to get an economic autonomy. Poverty and neglect turn them into a category extremely exposed to criminality and exploitation.

The measures foreseen by the project in the Municipality of Skhoder have as general objective to facilitate the social inclusion of orphans children and youth. This aim will be possible through the upgrade of the skills of all the operators working in public and private social services of the city, the improvement of the social, educational and economic autonomy of the orphans living in the municipality.

Results: development of certified training for social operators; establishment of a residential and educational community for 8 children; improvement of cohabitation capacity of orphans living in some group home; inclusion of at least 60 orphans into training and working opportunities in order to make them reach professional and financial autonomy.

Start Date: 01/04/2017 End Date: 31/03/2020