T-INdia – Tuning India


Expansion”, “excellence” and “equity” is what Indian higher education strives for – every university student should have a high quality educational experience, while every person dreaming of higher education should have a right to enter a university.

Tuning India brings together 15 Indian universities, along with 5 EU partners, to try and make this dream come true. Academics, students, graduates, employers and other relevant stakeholders from the five sub-regions of the country will be involved in the process of (re)designing degrees to make them learner-centred, comparable and compatible, as well as relevant for the society and the labour market.


The project is aimed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To apply the Tuning methodology in Indian universities in four subject areas – Law, ICT, Medicine and Teacher Education.
  • To develop Tuning Meta-Profiles in four subject areas.
  • To develop, implement, monitor and improve degree programmes.
  • To promote sub regional and international cooperation between India and EU universities.


The wider objective of the project is to contribute to and support the internationalization process in India through building of a framework of comparable, compatible and transparent degree programmes.