StudENT for Africa

StudENT for Africa (SfA) is the Alma Mater's entrepreneurship development program, addressed to all its students and recent graduates, aimed at supporting the implementation of innovative entrepreneurial projects to create economic and social development in Africa.

Tackling Africa’s sustainable development issue still is and will be one of the major challenges to be addressed in the next decades by the entire world and our country in particular. With a view to accepting the challenges imposed by modern society and directing its institutional activities towards the pursuit of sustainable development, the University of Bologna invests in a student entrepreneurship program aimed at fostering their personal, cultural and professional growth in a global perspective, with a special focus on its potential impacts in African territories.

Through Stud-ENT for Africa, the University of Bologna provides with support services for the development and consolidation of business start-ups in Africa within a training and coaching course with business experts. The project is part of the StartUp Day program and includes the selection of the best entrepreneurship ideas and a final challenge with cash prizes.