SALTO: Social Action for Life QUality Training and Tools


The "SALTO- Social Action for Life Quality Training and Tools" project is based on the innovation of social worker training in order to improve the quality of life of the elderly and/or the disabled people. In particular such training should be focused on non-pharmacological therapies and social animation methods to cope with Alzheimer and mental and psychiatric disorders, like autism. Medical - social services are "social" because they target independence and protection, social cohesion, exercising citizenship and preventing exclusion. They are "medical" because such target requires care, whether routinely or occasionally, which is essential for their daily comfort.

The project is focused on combining "life projects" and "care projects" to provide adequate personal support through holistic solutions. Such solutions involve breaking down the compartmentalization between the healthcare and medical - social environments, in order to start thinking and working in terms of coordinated paths. In fact, social workers interventions are focused on providing daily support to elderly or disable people through occupational activities, educational methods and non-pharmacological therapies.

SALTO project aims to integrate such social-educational methods as part of the daily therapy, in order to develop or maintain cognitive, bod motion and social skills, which are all fundamental for the quality of life.



  • CEFAL (IT)


  • Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (IT),
  • Associazione c'entro (IT),
  • Diopter (HR),
  • Vila Maria (HR),
  • CIFP/HLII Innovacion Social (ES),
  • Fondacion MATIA (ES),
  • Afmr Etcharry (FR),
  • Asociation Caminante (FR),
  • Aapva (FR).