Right to education, right to the future for the new Saharawi generations

Third Mission Projects; North Africa


The Saharawi Education project sets a collaboration between the "Giovanni Maria Bertin" Department of Education Studies of the University of Bologna and the University of Tifariti.

Among the activities coordinated by Professor Elena Pacetti, two missions are planned by Unibo teachers in the Saharawi camps for the training of local teachers. The Department is also responsible for the dissemination of the contents of the project in Italy, particularly in the university environment, where the signing of the Magna Carta Universitatum by the University of Tifariti is already scheduled for September 2019 in Salamanca.

In addition to the University of Bologna and the International Committee for the Development of Peoples - CISP, the following municipalities and institutions are also partners of the project: Municipality of Forlì, Municipality of Castel Franco dell'Emilia, Municipality of Ravenna, El Ouali Association, Kabara Lagdaf Association, Forlì Association of Liver Diseases, Rotary Club Forlì, Oltre Il Muro, Nexus International Solidarity Emilia-Romagna, Yoda Group, Ministerio de Enseñanza y Educación Publica ( DZ), Ministerio de Construcción ye of the Territorios Liberados (DZ), Universidad De Tifariti (DZ).