OMO - On my own ... at work


The On My Own… at work Project (OMO Project), is funded by the European Commission, under the Erasmus + program, and aims to promote employment of people with intellectual disabilities through the spread of targeted placements in the hotel and catering industries.

At the end of August 2017, a European network of hotels and restaurants willing to accommodate such placements has been launched.

OMO’s managing group has developed three tools to facilitate the achievement of the European network of hotels and restaurant

  1. An app for the trainees, available on smart phones and tablets, which stores tasks, tools and modes of actions for the task at hand.
  2. A series of videos that illustrate examples of correct relationships between the trainees with intellectual disabilities and their co-workers, aimed at the latter.
  3. quality kit addressed to restaurants and hotel managers wishing to join the network: a code of conduct, an application manual of that code and a logo that certifies their membership of the network.


The OMO project is managed by a group of corporations, such as associations of people with disabilities, universities, a foundation for equal rights and two hotels.