LikeHome - Assessing and recognising the prior learning of migrants - Bridging the gap and paving the road to educational and social integration

Third Mission Projects; Europe

KA3 - Social Inclusion. Duration of the project: 2016 - 2019

LikeHome is a collaboration project between nine organizations from seven different European countries to foster the inclusion of newly arrived migrants and refugees to a host country´s education and training systems, to the local economy and society in general. Recognition of prior knowledge and skills are critical for integration into a host country’s training system and economy. Difficulty in the recognition of prior knowledge usually results in underemployment and over-qualification or even complete lack of job or educational opportunities for migrants. Thus, there is an increased need for EU Member States to be able to assess the skills and prior knowledge of immigrants in a well-organised and efficient way, in order to facilitate their access to education and employment.

The consortium, which consists of partners from Spain, Greece, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Austria, will work together for 24 months to create sustainable impact in the fields of migration and education as well as on the labour market. LikeHome is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

The objectives

The project aims to assess and validate prior learning of newly arrived migrants. This shall lead to an enhanced access to the labour market of the host country. The second important objective is to generate access to quality and inclusive mainstream education and training with a focus on the needs of disadvantaged learners.

Step by step

 First, the project will develop a needs and challenges analysis, which will cover the migrant’s perspective and mindsets of several stakeholders from government bodies and the economy in host countries. This research phase will also involve seven selected best practices from frontrunner countries, which will be adapted to fit the needs of the participating countries. In order to implement the generated knowledge seminars and workshops with relevant stakeholders will be organized in each partner country. In addition to that, e-assessment tools and a migration relevant database will be created. An Expert Advisory Board, consisting of high profile experts in the fields of labour market and education, will evaluate and test the project results before they are implemented in society.