Freedom to Study

Liberi di Studiare (Freedom to study) was born from the initiative of a group of friends who took to heart the story of Frezer, an Eritrean refugee student.

Escaped on foot from his country (where the UN is defined as a dictatorship worse than the North Korean one), Frezer continued his studies at the University of Addis Ababa. His dream, however, was to be able to complete his university studies at a European university. As known, the mobility of Eritrean refugee students to Europe is practically impossible by legal means, but the network of people, associations (Being Peace) and institutions that mobilized for Frezer has made it possible to arrive in Italy with a regular visa for study purposes. Currently Frezer is attending the International Master's Degree Program in Tourism, Economics and Management at the University of Bologna (Campus of Rimini).


Purposes of the project:

  • Promote freedom of movement for study purposes, facilitate the obtaining of entry visas for Italy for students from countries at war or in which there is a dictatorial regime
  • Support these students in the Italian university path
  • Make local communities aware of the problems encountered by these students
  • Promote the integration of refugee students.


How to achieve these goals?

  • Providing time and experience for the activities of relationship and contact with the Italian institutional channels and the countries of origin of refugee students
  • Supporting the students included in the project both for the university path and for bureaucratic procedures (residence permit, residence, university enrollment, tax exemption, health insurance)
  • Supporting these students also economically, at least in part. The economic support is based on the organization of concerts, shows, self-financing dinners. Moreover, these activities, together with the use of social networks, help Liberi di studiare in disseminating and sensitizing the local community to these issues.

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