KeTLOD – Knowledge Transfer and Leadership in Organ Donation from Europe to China

KeTLOD is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the programme “Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education” and 13 other partners from Europe to China.

The main goal of KeTLOD is to create a postgraduate program in organ donation, customised on the needs of the Chinese health system professionals, which will be established in seven universities. This program, in accordance with the European Space for Higher Education guidelines, will offer knowledge and experience in clinical approach, management and dissemination strategies in Organ Donation, and it will lead to 25 ETCS. 

KeTLOD curriculum, translated in Chinese language, will empower professional competences of the health care professionals in China; enhance the detection and referral of potential donors and through the dissemination of knowledge and information will encourage a positive attitude towards donation in the society.

Additionally, within this project, through organizing joint activities for higher education organizations, the partners are committed to build a knowledge network between European Universities and Chinese Universities.

The KeTLOD project will have a duration of 2 years and as main outcome will be 21 Chinese experts in Training Organ Donation and 140 healthcare students issued with a postgraduate diploma in Organ Donation.

Main objectives:


  1. To design and implement a Postgraduate Program on Organ Donation in 7 relevant Universities in China.
  2. To develop specific academic and scientific contents and tools that will enable health care students to be trained as specialists in organ donation in the Chinese Universities.
  3. To create a pool of health care professionals form 7 different regions of China; trained with professional competences required for the development of donation activities in their hospitals.
  4. To spread knowledge and information for encouraging positive attitude towards donation in the society, through training “key persons” in the Donation programs in China.