Improving REsearch capacities of Albanian higher education institutions in conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage – REACH

Third Mission Projects; Italy; Western Balkans

The three-year project REACH, started in 2020, involves Albanian, Italian, and Spanish universities. The aim is to develop multi-disciplinary research skills and technical know-how in the field of Cultural Heritage conservation and restoration in Albania. Based on the awareness that Cultural Heritage stands as a key resource for local economic growth of Albania, REACH is also expected to contribute to its accession process to the EU, through the modernisation and internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions. 

The two specific objectives are: 

1)    Strengthening the research capacities in the field of restoration and conservation of Cultural Heritage. 

2)    Defining criteria and strategies for assessing the quality of applied research, in line with European standards. 

 All this will be possible by setting up new, equipped laboratories and educating teaching staff for Albanian partners, developing a modern disciplinary approach, consolidating connections among international researchers, and validating restorers and conservators as highly qualified professional figures. This will result in a new approach towards the maintenance of Cultural Heritage, and it will be a tool that creates value for Albanian institutions.