ICMED: International Credit Mobility: a new challenge for the Mediterranean Region


IInternational Credit Mobility: a New Challenge in the Mediterranean Region (ICMED) is a project co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 Capacity Building in Higher Education.

It aims at strengthening the capacity of Higher Education staff in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia to deal with Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility & International Mobility Programmes in general, through the implementation of a comprehensive Training Programme. By fostering information and sharing best practices, the project is expected to contribute towards an innovative, effective and efficient management of International Credit Mobility in the MENA region.

More specifically, it aims at:

  1. Mapping the current status of ICM implementation at institutional and regional (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) level, identifying key specific challenges for each partner country;

  2. Building partner Higher Education staff capacity to deal with ICM, through the implementation of a comprehensive training programme, responding to the needs of the target groups: 4 training weeks focusing on different ICM topics will be carried out, providing MENA colleagues with the skills needed to develop their own ICM policies and activities;

  3. Providing concrete instruments to effectively participate and manage ICM: an International Mobility Toolkit, including student guides and ready to use guidelines/templates for the management of ICM and double/joint degrees will be elaborated;

  4. Producing new inputs and stimulating floor for discussion and improvement to the benefit of national and EU authorities, in the view of the future generation of Erasmus+;

  5. Fostering and exploiting partner countries Higher Education Institutions capacity, so to allow for a quality and sustainable management of Erasmus+ KA107 action and international mobility in general.