FORTH - Formation of Teachers in Emerging Challenged Areas in the Philippines


The project FORTH (Formation of Teachers in Emerging Challenged Areas in the Philippines) aims to develop a network between higher education institutions, associations and stakeholders to create a support system for teaching quality and teacher motivation.

This training model will be tested in some areas of the Philippines and could be later transferred to other similar international contexts. The project is confronted with the reality of teaching in challenged areas and with the specific needs of both education actors: teachers and students.

FORTH intends to address in particular the loss of motivation and self-esteem of teachers that can turn into absenteeism or conflict. Through a series of diversified measures, the project takes on this challenge, bringing the relevance of education in the fight against poverty to the center of action. In concrete terms, FORTH emphasizes the importance of creating new curricula and developing new courses of study that will be designed by European and Filipino specialists and which will merge into a joint Erasmus Mundi Master's degree.

The project also provides the possibility of creating university clusters, learning communities between university and high school teachers, based on the involvement in the project and in the training of at least 50 teachers from 5 different universities. FORTH intends to carry out a pilot trial in the Philippines that can be replicated in other parts of the world through the stakeholder network.