EU best practices-based education in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Culture for the Belarusian Academia - RADIUM

Third Mission Projects; Europe; Western Balkans

It is well known that nuclear power brings a wide series of risks for the surrounding areas. Since Belarus started a nuclear power program, the environment and the population need to be protected from the potential dangers of the reactors. The RADIUM project was born to set new standards for nuclear and radiological safety in the Belarusian Academy.

This Master level curriculum aims to develop a significant contribution to public and environmental safety, by using the Bologna principles as a methodology of reference. The students will experience theoretical lectures, practice lessons in laboratories, and internships, to create the next generation of professionals, and even the academic staff will be updated on the latest technologies.

The main objectives are:

• To screen, map and identify weaknesses and strengths of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Culture (RP&NSC) education and its relevance to national labour market demands and nuclear safety requirements.

• To develop educational content for EU best practices-based.

• To create innovative study infrastructure supporting education activities in the field of RP&NSC.

• To implement and promote educational programs in the sphere of RP&NSC at HEIs in Belarus.