Development of knowledge in the tourism sector in Myanmar - university courses on tourism development and the quality of tourist services in the Republic of Myanmar


EuropeAid - Civil Society Organizations - Local Authorities Program in Iraq. The Center of Advanced Studies on Tourism of the University of Bologna, in partnership with the University Center of Bertinoro, has developed and implemented a project for the development of knowledge in the tourism sector in the Republic of Myanmar. The project - which is called the Tourism Capacity Building in Myanmar and was co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Directorate General for Development Cooperation - has promoted two Higher Education Courses to guide Myanmar Tourism Development and the development of sustainable and quality tourism products.

The two courses have been designed to promote the dissemination and use of good management practices in the various areas, both public and private, involving the Burmese tourism sector. In addition, they have contributed to developing growth strategies for the country's tourism sector, supporting public-private integration and promoting sustainable and responsible development strategies. Finally, the two Higher Education Courses were useful occasions to apply the Myanmar Tourism Master Plan 2013-2020 and thus stimulate a quality governance of the tourism sector in the Asian country.

The Courses, fully held in English, lasted 50 days and for each course 195 hours of work were done (140 of frontal teaching and 55 of institutional visits, project work and exams). Participants were also selected thanks to a series of visits to Myanmar, useful for ensuring quality training activities, as well as for a series of institutional meetings and monitoring and follow-up activities.

The first of the two Higher Education Courses, entitled "Tourism Development in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar", was held in the Residential Center of Bertinoro and focused on rural and community tourism and on the best development processes to guarantee a sustainable and responsible tourism. 23 experts from the tourism sector of Burmese origin took part (Burmese public administration officials, in particular the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, but also private sector professionals and university teachers who carry out educational activities and research on tourism in the various Burmese universities ).

The second Advanced Training Course, entitled "Tourist Service Quality in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar", had a specific focus on hotel services and cultural-environmental tourism. 27 experts from the tourism sector of Burmese origin attended, both from the public administration and from the private sector. At the end of the project, monitoring activities showed that several project work born during the two courses were implemented by the participants. Some of these have also received awards and funding.




  • CAST, Center for Advanced Studies on Tourism Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna


  • University Residential Center of Bertinoro (Ce.U.B.)
  • Cofinancial institution:
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Directorate General for Cooperation in the Sviuppo