Third Mission Projects; Europe

Jean Monnet - Module. Duration of the Project: 2018 - 2021

The “Critical Risks for Integration and Solidarity in the European Space” - CRISES Module aims to promote teaching and research at the University of Bologna (Unibo) on the EU, addressing the three main areas of crises that have recently jeopardized the European project, namely: finance; migration; rule of law. It will introduce the first multidisciplinary course on the CRISES of the EU, intersecting law, political science, history and economics.

The course will be activated in a master program mainly focused on domestic law and politics, contributing to its Europeanisation. It will be open to students of other curricula of Political Science, aiming to become a permanent course offered at Unibo.The CRISES staff from Unibo, consisting of 2 comparative lawyers, 1 political scientist, 1 historian and 1 economist, will pursue innovative research on European integration and organize several academic events. They can count on the cooperation of other research groups established in Germany and Spain, experts from Hungary, Spain and Poland, and Unibo colleagues. The planned research activity will assess both the European and the domestic dimensions of the crises, to understand how they have affected the legal and political conceptions of integration and solidarity. The results will be collected in a special issue of an open access journal and in individual publications in peer-reviewed journals and books. The scheduled academic events include 3 conferences at Unibo, 1 workshop at UNED-Madrid and 1 at the University of Frankfurt. Additionally, 3 workshops will be organized in collaboration with the “Europe Direct Center” of the Regional Parliament of Emilia-Romagna, contributing to the training of professionals, regional/local administrators, policy-makers and public officers. All events will be open to civil society and all outcomes will be made available through CRISES Website and other media, in order to promote active European citizenship and maximize dissemination.