Building internationalisation in Pakistan: B-INTERNATIONAL project

Third Mission Projects; Europe; Italy; Asia

The B-INTERNATIONAL project, coordinated by Cardiff Metropolitan University, was activated in 2019 and will last until 2022. Pakistan’s involvement in student mobility had not reached its full potential in the past, and the project aims to boost the international opportunities for its universities, both for incoming and outgoing students. This will have a huge impact on students and university staff, giving them the chance to experience foreign universities, by internationalizing research and accessing funding, increasing international partnerships, internationalization of the curriculum, helping create support structures for international students on campus, and providing international experiences for all to build global soft skills. 

In the first stage, the project will train key people on internationalization and strategy development, and on the issues and practicalities that mobility and online learning imply. The result is that students and staff will benefit from international experiences through the increase of on-campus programmes for intercultural exchange and international skills development, improving graduate employability and building an internationally connected network. Equipment will be provided to support the development of the training programme and to enable international connections. Some tools for the correct progress of the mobility will be offered, to make the whole experience easier for everyone involved.